Ecommerce ERP Integration Partnering Overview

Our Partnering program is for companies that sell and support the various ERP packages with which our solutions integrate, and want to work with us on to expand your product offering by promoting ERP ecommerce websites to your customers.

We offer three partnering options to ERP system VARS: Level 1 (Registered), Level 2 (Silver), and Level 3 (Gold).

Level 1 (Registered) Partner

Registered partners simply sign up for the Website Pipeline Partnering Program and meet a list of minimum technical requirements for the Initial Engagement and Continuing Education.

There is no fee or minimum lead generation requirements to be a Level 1 partner.

Level 1 partners earn referral fees by qualifying leads, introducing them to Website Pipeline, and actively assisting in the sales process.

Level 2 (Silver) Partner

Level 2 partners earn higher referral fees on each project than Level 1 (Registered) partners by providing a minimum of one (1) qualified lead per month.

Level 3 (Gold) Partner

Level 3 partners earn even higher referral commissions on each project than other partner levels by providing a minimum of two (2) qualified leads per month.

Partner Responsibilities

Partners at any level are expected to:

  • Pre-qualify the prospect / lead
  • Submit the lead online to Website Pipeline;
  • Organize and participate in a 3-way introductory call between the prospect and Website Pipeline;
  • [optional] Assist Website Pipeline with the sale by participating on all demo and scoping calls, and help Website Pipeline close the business.

Website Pipeline Responsibilities

Our role in the sales process is to:

    • Receive the lead and contact the prospective customer;
    • Guide the prospect through a discovery and scoping process;
    • Scope, estimate, and demonstrate the Website Pipeline product offering;
    • Sell the website project and pay referral commissions to the partner;
    • Provide all ongoing cloud services on the website and ERP integration.

For more information on these programs please call us at 1-800-266-3579 or contact us online.

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